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Here at Lavanis we treasure inspiration. The cycle of inspiration is between us and our customers; we hear their demands, and we strive to meet them with the best products and services, for them to go conquer the world.

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About us 


Lavanis is a small family business base in Massachusetts. Founded in 2020 by a wife and husband, the idea came about while raising their three kids and seeing how excited they get every time a box was delivered to the door, when they got gifts for their birthdays or other special occasions. They figured it would be great to make gift giving simpler so people could experience that awesome feeling more often. Since then, we have crafted many gifts for our customers for all sorts of occasions.

Why gift with us

We make Gifting simple and satisfying. We have a variety of gift ideas; we personalize and customize gifts to meet most requests. We make gift boxes and baskets for special events such as weddings and bridal parties, birthday gifts, seasonal (Christmas, valentine, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc.), corporate gifts, and we offer subscription boxes. Make your own or let us surprise you.

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Tel: 781-327-5797

E-mail: Tsilva@lavanisshop.com

Mail: P O Box 2140, Brockton MA, 02301

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